The Back Story

J. Christina is a hobbyist photographer, travel blogger, writer, and  contributor  at Scribbles and Smiles.  A Midwest blogger and hobbyist photographer married to John, a.k.a. Mr. Christie, my sweet and travel partner.  J. Christina is our bespoke pen name in the blogging world. 
Mr. Christie is right-on-board throughout our jaunts around the world.  He supports, encourages, handles gadgetry, and navigation, while keeping me supplied with pretty notebooks and camera supplies.  Mr. Christie is a content contributor when technical, engineering jargon is required, and is the in-house editor -  hence, our trademark signature, J.Christina. We lean on each other at the end of long travel days.

My blogging journey began before blogging was trending.  Still I longed to lean-in to my creativity and get my creative passport stamped.  Serendipitously, an opportunity presented itself and together we made the decision to create Scribbles and Smiles; so others could travel vicariously.   After many years of  travel, we thoughtfully opened our treasure-trove of European travelogues, artfully sharing with a worldwide audience.
Creating Scribbles and Smiles gives greater personal meaning and purpose to this photography and travel-blogging journey.  Now, I do my dreaming with my eyes wide-open. Blogging has been an adventure in itself with some stumbles  along the way Now Scribbles & Smiles  welcomes your visits to our blog, and our social media platforms:  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Join J. Christina on excursions and sights some only glimpse on a postcard. Enjoy traveling vicariously with us to  beautiful and magical European destinations.

Be Well Traveled,

J. Christina

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