Going Dutch: Handsome Amsterdam

 Good Morning Amsterdam!

Welcome to Amsterdam!  J. Christina team has arrived  and we're off to see  handsome Amsterdam - where we will stay for a few days prior to our European river cruise.   Our personalized travel plans include a  pre- and post-element, bookends if you will.  Kicking-off  in Amsterdam to explore, tour, and tip-toe through the tulips in this beautiful canal city.
Scribbles and Smiles by J Christina
Amsterdam, The Netherlands needs little introduction as the capital and most populous municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Some call it the land of boats and bikes, or fondly the Venice of the North.  This small country is located in the  northwest of Europe, with Germany to the east, Belgium to the south, and  swathed by the  North Sea.

It's a popular tourist destination where four million tourists visit annually to see the old city center's architecture and historic canals, that have morphed into modern-day thoroughfares. Where locals take water-buses to work and some live in colorful houseboats tethered to the postcard pretty canal banks. Come on along as we unwrap Amsterdam from dawn to dusk for the next several days.
Scribbles and Smiles by J Christina
Renaissance Hotel  Amsterdam
Our only foray to the Netherlands a few years ago, was in the southeastern region: Venlo, Maastricht, and Margarten. Ride with us through the maze of historic canals and become a Dutchie on this adventure.

Scribbles and Smiles by J Christina
Bike Parking
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