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J. Christina is a personal travel blogger, writer and hobbyist photographer at Scribbles and Smiles.  Living happily in the Midwest, married to John, aka, Mr. Christie.  J. Christina is our bespoke pen name in the blogosphere.  We enjoying traveling, sharing travel experiences, images, and writing our digital travelogues. 
Nowadays, our readers can travel vicariously from the comfort of their armchair.  With Scribbles and Smiles, we can look back at our images and travel scribbles and be  instantly be transported right back to that moment in time -  capturing that beautiful memory.  Smiling with your eyes is a wonderful experience!  With this blog, we have met many like-minded travelers and bloggers from around the world.
Thank you for visiting our blog. Please leave a comment on the blog or email scribblesandsmiles@gmail.com  -  feel free to submit a travel question.
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