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2023 Traveling solo again this year. Exploring the Gironde department of southwest France. An enchanting trip where I sipped, sampled, and strolled my way through the wine villages and picturesque countryside in and around Bordeaux, France.

2022 Traveling solo in the south of France!  Avignon to Lyon-Burgundy & Provence. July-August 2022.

2020-2021 Travel restricted due to Covid pandemic.
2018 was once again a fantastic bespoke journey! We returned to handsome Amsterdam, affectionately referred to as the Venice of the North, where we stepped into the world of Vincent van Gogh's art and cruised on the 400-year-old historical canals.  As our six-country adventure unfolded, we winged on, hopscotching down to Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, including stops in Montenegro and Slovenia while traveling overland along the Adriatic Sea. After, taking a short respite in Venice, Italy - where we admired the Venetian architecture while strolling along the Grand Canal - once again. Sadly, we said arrivederci to Venice all too soon - pushing-on, making us segue on to Bordeaux. Travel vicariously with us to places most only glimpse on postcards through our blog, Scribbles and Smiles. 

2017 was another great year of travel for the J. Christina team. We are hopscotching through Amsterdam, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. After, taking respite along the Cote d'Azur to explore the medieval villages of Gorbio, Sainte-Agnès - both classified as les Plus Beaux Villages de France. You can find all the details of this trip on the blog, images on Instagram and posts on Facebook

In 2016 J. Christina completed a month-long journey through Spain, Portugal, and the Douro Valley wine region, cruising on the Douro River with Uniworld European River Cruises.   After, continuing to Bordeaux, France, cruising on the Garonne and Dordogne rivers.  Where J. Christina enjoyed sampling, sipping, and strolling the world-famous Bordeaux vineyards and wines. You will find all this and more on the blog, Instagram and Facebook.

Our travels in 2015 took us to The Imperial Capitals of Europe.   What an exciting year of travel!  Our journey and European river cruise with Uniworld took us from Vienna, Austria to Bucharest, Romania with a land extension onto Istanbul, Turkey.  We traveled through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey - with our finale in Paris, France.  Wow, what a trip!

You will find images and links to our travel journals with daily notes for all the beautiful countries we visited on Scribbles and Smiles, Facebook, and Instagram. Feel free to post comments, questions and, messages to

Travels with Uniworld European River Cruises:  Updated with the 2023 links to Uniworld Itinerary

2006            Budapest to Passau

2009            Burgundy to Provence 

2011            Paris to Normandy

2012            Floriade Belgium to Prague (2 cruises bridged together)

2015           Vienna to Istanbul

2016           Douro (Spain & Portugal) (2 cruises bridged together- continued to Bordeaux)

2017           Legendary Rhine

2018           Bordeaux to Bordeaux

Countries and Independent European Microstates visited:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kingdon of Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, U.S.S.R., Switzerland, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia

Republic of San Marino is a small country and a European microstate in Southern Europe.

Monaco a tiny independent city-state, country and microstate.  

The Holy See universal government of the Catholic Church and operates from Vatican City State, a sovereign, independent territory. 

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