Is European River Cruising really all that?

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Having traveled on the great rivers of Europe for more than a decade there are few journeys more endearing than slowly plying Europe’s waterways, on-board a specialty designed river ship.  Sailing these great rivers of Europe, including the delightful Danube, the mighty Rhine, river Rhône, and the romantic Seine; is simply a one-of-a-kind bespoke experience with Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.
Scribbles and Smiles JChristina
Douro River Valley
Embarking on a river cruise allows travelers to step-off into the heart of great historical cities steeped in tradition, with grace and anticipation.   Intrepid travelers dream of being up-close and personal with iconic landmarks, flower-laced villages, and picturesque hamlets, all lying within steps of their boutique river ship.  With river cruising you will experience vistas and landmarks that some only glimpse on postcards.  So simply put – yes, European river cruising is all that!

Scribbles and Smiles JChristina
Seine River - Paris, France
Whether it’s traveling untethered along Bordeaux’s alluring Garonne and Dordogne rivers, or the mirrored waters of Portugal’s Douro river - all are a feast for the senses. Being immersed in local culture, discovering UNESCO World Heritages Sites, or indulging in the sip, sample, and stroll among some of the world’s greatest vineyards will make unforgettable memories.   There’s no better way to authentically connect with the region and discover its hidden nuances.
Scribbles and Smiles JChristina
Dordogne river valley
Many river cruises are inclusive, running the gamut from romantic and stunning, to awe-inspiring; others are more humbling.  One of the great benefits of joining a European river cruise is the variety of itineraries available for river cruisers.  How about a cooking lesson in a romantic chateau, biking through the leafy vineyards of Médoc wine region, or scampering around the ancient ruins of a citadel?  Or, delve into history with a private lunch destination in the once war-torn Croatia, all accompanied with remembrances of the strife and struggles during the Homeland Wars? There are many heart-warming, educational, and memorable journeys to be discovered while cruising on Europe’s diverse waterways.

One thing is for sure---you will create, capture, and record countless shareable moments to last a lifetime – right from the luxury of your floating boutique European river ship.

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