Bosnia's Only Seaside Resort: Neum

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Our journey began in the southern tip of Dubrovnik, Croatia, where we head northbound, purposely making stops in other war-torn countries, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Through our travels, we delightfully discovered unexpected seaside resorts, learned their country’s troubled history, and explored this ethnically diverse region. All while navigating the most spectacular stretch of coastline in the world, the Dalmatian Coast.

Soon the border crossing into Bosnia-Herzegovina is within sight, 70km from Dubrovnik, and just west of the country of Albania. Luckily entering Bosnia was uneventful, after a 45-minute wait, passports are presented, but no face-to-face interview required; this is not the norm in the summer months, so prepare for a very long wait. We show our appreciation for a speedy pass-through leaving bottled water for the border agents.  (*As of July 2020, new border crossing regulations are in place due to coronavirus pandemic).

Just inside the BiH border, we take a comfort stop at Neum, often referred to the Neum Riviera.  The Neum corridor is the shortest coastline in the world, aside from the principality of Monaco. It boasts a scant 20km of shimmering Adriatic Sea coastline wedged in-between the Croatian coast. This tiny corridor is a result of the break-up of Yugoslavia, and the only exit to the sea in Bosnia.


The price of accommodations and food in Bosnia-Herzegovina is much lower than Croatia and a sought-after destination with vacationers, holidaymakers, and travelers who prefer good value for their money.With Dubrovnik and Makarska being less than 80km away in either direction it’s an easy day trip to explore the region. 

Bosnia is the poorest country in Europe but offers excellent value while enjoying a beautiful vacation destination along the azure Adriatic Sea. The official currency is Bosnian Mark, and universally accepted Croatian Kuna and some shops accept Euro.

*Travel occurred in 2018

 *New border crossing rules as of July 2020: https://bit.ly/30OuVog

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