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Venice, Italy, the Queen of the Adriatic; notably the most beautiful and unique city in the world- a jewel of European culture.

We arrived in Venice where it connects to the mainland by the road causeway, Ponte Della Liberta, Bridge of Freedom; traveling from Croatia, Slovenia, and the Gulf of Trieste, Italy.  It’s good to be back in Venice after a few years away. What better way to end this month of travel than spending our birthdays and wedding anniversary in this romantic city?

This extraordinary city floats in her beautiful shabbiness and embraces you with her incredible beauty; beckoning you forward to discover its hidden nuances, curlicue alleyways, and winding canals.  It’s a magical atmosphere and a perfect postcard treasure that will linger in your memory forever.

Rialto bridge was built to provide access to the Rialto market and connect the San Marco and San Polo sestieri (districts), the Rialto is the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal  image@pixabay

It was a pleasure to reorient ourselves with the most famous and touristy St. Marco Square, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, and the ornate Rialto Bridge, the most photographed spot in the world. We took a quiet break to explore a few other neighborhoods in Venice. Where each sestieri has its distinct personality and allure; taking a slow walk to catch our breath and relax.  We strolled the behind-the-scenes areas to enjoy the authentic beauty of Venice, exploring the labyrinth of back streets, rambling passageways, on foot, far away from the charming chaos. Yes, there are romantic gondolas rides and vaporettos to take you around this treasured city; but exploring the off-the-beaten-path, laid-back, lived-in, neighborhoods on foot for an up-close and personal experience of everyday life in Venice is memorable.

50,000 citizens live and work on the island of Venice, carrying on with their daily routines, while residing along these long, narrow streets, and canals on this city of water, where the majority make their living in tourism. Working on the Venetian Lagoon with its millennium of history, is challenging, to say the least. Every single thing you need or want is transported by water, i.e., people, luggage, trash, supplies, and recycling to name a few.

We know the Venetians are tenacious. They have endured historic floods in recent times, overtourism, weak infrastructure, and sadly a global pandemic that diminished incomes and tourism, like so many places around the world.

Tourist navigating the flood waters in Venice             image@pixabay

Now in fall 2021, we see signs of Venice making a comeback post-covid-19 still they need the tourism trade to thrive. It’s a catch-22: tourism is the livelihood of Venice but overtourism is killing the infrastructure of this stunningly beautiful, ancient city built on 118 islands with 400 plus pedestrian bridges.

Visit this beautiful intoxicating 1600-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site and buy authentic local goods, look for the Venezia Authentia logo displayed to buy local and support genuine Venetian products.

Now it’s time for us to leave this magnificent city and fly on to Bordeaux, France, to finish our fifth week of being nomads. But where is our luggage?  Follow to find our luggage.

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