Cote d'Azur: Menton, France

Reasons To visit Mesmerizing Menton France
Years ago, when I first vacationed in Menton, I was instantly smitten with my new discovery.  I had found a place with luminous light, a shimmering sea, ancient villas and flower-filled terraces, all washed in dreamy pastel watercolors.   “Who wouldn’t be enchanted by this magical place?”  

Scribbles and Smiles by J Christina

Menton is exceptional snuggled between the sheltering mountains and the glistening Mediterranean Sea.  Where the microclimate produces conditions favourable for growing tangerines and oranges; and where the town’s trademark is the aromatic and sweet Menton lemon. Boasting 331 days of endless sunshine, “now who wouldn’t enjoy that?” Annually, in February, the La Féte du Citron festival attracts thousands of travellers, tourist, and locals alike for this week long Mardi Gras like carnival.

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