Musée Marc Chagall - Nice, France

Visiting the Musée Marc Chagall, Nice, France. This collection is built around The Biblical Message, showcasing works of Marc Chagall's career: paintings, drawings, stained-glass windows and sculptures in the post-war era. The museum was created with the generosity of the artist and his wife. When in July 1966, Marc and Valentina Chagall donated seventeen paintings. Chagall opened the museum here himself in 1973.

Scribbles and Smiles by J Christina
Abraham and the Three Angels
Marc Chagall was born Moishe Shagal on July 7, 1887, in what is now Belarus, Russia, to a poor Jewish family, he was one of nine children. His father, Zakhar Chagall, worked in a fish factory and his mother, Ida Chagall, worked in the family home and ran a grocery store.
 I recently revisited this interesting articleThe Story of Chagall, as Told by His Granddaughters
by James Barron
 New York Times

follow more of the Biblical Message images here - where visitors to the museum were allowed to photography inside

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